Is Amed Rosario a Bust?

14 May

Amed Rosario

I know. I know. It’s way too soon to tell if Rosario’s a bust or not. But all the hype surrounding this guy last year and so far, other than an outstanding arm, nothing about this guy has impressed me. I mean, the guy can’t run, he swings at way too many balls out of the strike zone, his current OBP at .273 is beyond atrocious and even defensively at times he has too many lapses. No one was expecting the next Jeter over here, but nor were we seeking the next Rafael Santana either. If this keeps up by the All-Star break and the Mets are still hovering around .500, maybe they consider moving Asdrubal Cabrera to SS and calling up Gavin Cecchini and letting him play 2nd, if he’s healthy of course.