Where Is David Wright Going To Play?

3 Jul

David Wright
Of course, the idea that David Wright could return to the Mets lineup before Yoenis Cespedes is both funny and ironic considering what was thought to be the extent of each player’s injury. However, what if Wright really does make it back sooner than later? For starters, it’d speak a lot to Wright’s resiliency, fortitude, hard work and why at the very least, no matter how much he has left, maybe his return could be an inspiration in an otherwise dismal 2018 season. But secondly, if Wright does come back and resembles anywhere close to his old all-star self, where the hell do you play him?

The just-signed-in-the-off-season Todd Frazier is your everyday 3rd baseman and to the detriment of Dominic Smith, Wilmer Flores has pretty much established himself as your everyday 1st baseman (the only other position that’d make sense for Wright besides playing the outfield, which he has never done). So unless you’re trading Frazier to get some prospects so Wright can go back to his old (and much more taxing) position, what then? Some might think it’s a reach, but a Mets infield consisting of Wright and Smith at 1st, Flores at 2nd, Asdrubal Cabrera at short and Frazier at 3rd, could certainly work for me….hmmm.