Seth Lugo Wants To Be A Starter

23 Aug

Seth Lugo

Seth Lugo has been a weapon for the Mets in the bullpen this season, but when asked Wednesday at Citi Field if he had thought about next year and what the future holds, he didn’t hesitate.

“To be honest, I have,” Lugo told SNY’s Joe Kraus. “With the way I’ve been pitching this year — fastball velocity and breaking ball command — secondary, my third, fourth pitches. I’m throwing the ball better than I’ve ever thrown it. I’ve got more self-confidence than I’ve ever had. Some of the stuff I’ve thrown this year, I didn’t know I had it.”

“I think about the future, hopefully getting to that starting role I want to be in,” Lugo continued. “I think I can maintain better stuff than I have in the past. I’m kind of excited to see what the future holds. Hopefully I can win a starting position sometime.”

Can you blame the guy? He came to the major leagues as a starter and was very successful his 1st year. Then too, he has the arsenal in pitches to be a big league starter. And heck, let’s just say it: starting is where the $$$ is at, not middle relieving (unless you’re like Andrew Miller). Then too, ask most Mets fans and a rotation of deGrom, Syndergaard, Matz, Wheeler and Lugo is a lot more appealing than one with Jason Vargas at the end instead of Lugo.

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