The Writer Who Didn’t Vote Derek Jeter Into Hall of Fame is a Coward

23 Jan

And this is coming from someone who can’t stand the Yankees (but then, any true Mets fan hates the Yankees as well as every other team in the NL East). But really, what could be the reason one sole writer wouldn’t vote Jeter into the Hall of Fame other than for the attention? Even if you’re one of these new-age, WAR-obsessed ass-clowns who thought Jeter was an overrated shortstop who only got the immense attention he got because he played for the Yankees or just an extreme Yankee-hater who couldn’t stand the idea of Jeter going in unanimously one year after Mariano Rivera was the first to do it, not voting Jeter in the HOF is just sacrilegious. What, 5 World Series titles, 3.465 career hits, 14 All-Star games and 5 Golden Gloves wasn’t enough for you? Then clearly your standards are so high that you’d have a hard time voting Sandy Koufax in. And with the rules protecting your identity, not are you getting the attention you so desperately wanted, but you get to hide too…coward.