The Mets Should Let Mickey Callaway Finish The Season

25 Jun

I just don’t see any turnaround to this team. They’re 5 games under .500 as I write this and 9 games out of first place. The bullpen for the most part sucks. Why Robinson Cano is hitting No. 3 in the lineup while batting .230 is beyond reason. Cespedes gets into a freak accident and is done for the season. Dominic Smith is coming back down to earth. The starting pitching is maddeningly inconsistent. And if they’re going to be sellers soon, they might as well try to get the best trade possible for Zack Wheeler. That said, Sunday’s incident with Mickey Callaway and Jason Vargas just highlights, once again, the bleak attitude that this team has dealt with for 30-plus years. And since ownership and the new GM aren’t going anywhere soon, why not just let Mickey finish the season, fire him afterwards and hire Joe Girardi.

The Mets Have Way Bigger Problems Than Jose Reyes

27 May

Jose Reyes

Almost back to .500 after an 11-1 start and people want to blame Jose Reyes for the Mets play of late?!? Instead of yunno, Sandy Alderson and his horrible signing of Jason Vargas or Jay Bruce’s struggling start or a bullpen that continues to implode (esp. A.J. Ramos and Jerry Blevins). Forget that Reyes is just a backup infielder at this point of his career or that he only starts like once a week or that he got off to just as much of a bad start last year and rebounded to have a pretty good season or that besides Brandon Nimmo, he’s the only guy Mickey Callaway can count on to steal a base every now and again. Picking on Jose Reyes for the Mets recent failings just seems like a reach to me.