Tom Seaver, The Greatest Mets Player Ever, Passes Away At 75

2 Sep

I can still remember how excited I was when the Mets got Seaver back in 1983 and how weird it was to see him in the dugout during the ’86 World Series as a Red Sox. 3 Cy Young’s, a World Series ring, a no-hitter, 300-plus wins, lifetime ERA less than 3.00, Mets and Yankees broadcaster, a successful career after baseball with his vineyard in California and beloved by family, friends and of course Mets fans like me. He earned his Franchise nickname. RIP to the greatest Met ever.

All-Star Slugger Bill Buckner Dies at 69

27 May

Bill Buckner was much more than Game 6 and it wasn’t his fault (Dave Stapleton should’ve been playing 1st and as many foregt, there was a Game 7) the Red Sox lost the ’86 World Series. Buckner was a batting champ, an All-Star and had a long and distinguished career. Still, it was a good thing that he and Red Sox fans were able to reconcile before he passed and how awesome was it for Larry David to show Buckner’s ‘true spirit’ in that infamous Curb Your Enthusiasm episode years back.
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