Pinch-Hitting Jeff McNeil For Amed Rosario Was A Bold Move By Mickey Callaway

7 Jun

This is the type of situational managing that you like to see. Sure, Rosario is your starting shortstop and he’s been hitting well all year long. But he also strikes out a lot and with the Mets behind a run with two runners in scoring position in the 7th inning, the scenario screamed for putting up somebody with a batter chance of putting the ball in play. And even with the risk of hurting Rosario’s ego, Callaway made the right move by pinch-hitting him with McNeil and it paid off.

Amed Rosario Reminds Everyone Why Hustling Counts In Walk-Off Win Over Nats

22 May

Listen, the Mets knew what they were getting in Robinson Cano and that included his well-earned rep for not hustling at times. Sure, you had every reason to think that with age, maturity and possibly wanting to show leadership with a new and younger team, that Cano might change his loafing ways, but that hasn’t always been the case and he deserved to be benched the other day for lack of hustling on those two plays. Going forward, maybe Cano really will ‘get the hint’ and change his lackadaisical ways…or maybe not.

Amed Rosario Is Currently The Mets Only Shortstop

22 Apr

Amed Rosario

Amed Rosario has five errors in his past five games, but the Mets shortstop shouldn’t expect a day off anytime soon.

“We don’t have another shortstop, so he’s not getting a day,” manager Mickey Callaway said after the Mets fell to the Cardinals 6-4 Sunday at Busch Stadium. “No, he’s fine.”

Rosario’s first of two fielding errors Sunday was the more costly. It came on a weak ground ball from Cardinals pitcher Dakota Hudson in the bottom of the second as Rosario couldn’t field it cleanly, loading the bases with one out in a 1-1 game. Two batters later, Paul Goldschmidt cracked a two-run single and the Cardinals led the rest of the way.

I assume that this is why we picked up Jed Lowrie in the off-season, but he’s still on the DL. I’m also of the feeling that Rosario’s errors contributed heavily to Steven Matz’s horrible last start where the Phillies scored 10 runs in the first. If Rosario’s fielding woes continue, the Mets will really be in trouble.

Can the Mets Just Leave Amed Rosario Alone, Please?

9 Aug

Amed Rosario
This idea that the Mets rookie shortstop should learn to play center-field for 2019, much less bat leadoff with a current OBP of .274 is just ridiculous. This off-season, Rosarion should just be assigned to work on his defense and get a better appreciation of the strike zone. The kid has a load of talent, it just needs to be fine-tuned. Adding to his struggles or messing with his head to learn a new position and/or fulfill the needs of a high-pressure spot such as batting leadoff is just, at this time, unnecessary and asking for trouble. Leave the kid alone.

Is Amed Rosario a Bust?

14 May

Amed Rosario

I know. I know. It’s way too soon to tell if Rosario’s a bust or not. But all the hype surrounding this guy last year and so far, other than an outstanding arm, nothing about this guy has impressed me. I mean, the guy can’t run, he swings at way too many balls out of the strike zone, his current OBP at .273 is beyond atrocious and even defensively at times he has too many lapses. No one was expecting the next Jeter over here, but nor were we seeking the next Rafael Santana either. If this keeps up by the All-Star break and the Mets are still hovering around .500, maybe they consider moving Asdrubal Cabrera to SS and calling up Gavin Cecchini and letting him play 2nd, if he’s healthy of course.