The Brandon Nimmo Catch Was Not The Mets G.O.A.T.

1 Sep

While Brandon Nimmo’s catch from last night’s Dodgers game should definitely make the Top 10 list when it comes to the Mets. I can quickly state that the Agee and Swoboda catches during the 1969 World Series, the Endy Chavez catch to rob a homer from Scott Rolen in the 2006 NLCS and the Beltran catch on top of that old hill in Houston were all better. And that’s just off the top of my head.

That Was A Painful Loss To The Dodgers Last Night

30 May

That 9th-inning meltdown by Edwin Diaz was not only shocking, but it took away all the feelgood moments from the game. Including a solid, 7-inning start from Noah Syndergaard, 2 HR’s from Pete Alonso and Dominic Smith proving once again that somehow, someway, the Mets need to find a way to keep him in the starting lineup. Of course, if the Mets can come back today and get a split of this series, it’d erase the bad taste in my mouth.