Amed Rosario Reminds Everyone Why Hustling Counts In Walk-Off Win Over Nats

22 May

Listen, the Mets knew what they were getting in Robinson Cano and that included his well-earned rep for not hustling at times. Sure, you had every reason to think that with age, maturity and possibly wanting to show leadership with a new and younger team, that Cano might change his loafing ways, but that hasn’t always been the case and he deserved to be benched the other day for lack of hustling on those two plays. Going forward, maybe Cano really will ‘get the hint’ and change his lackadaisical ways…or maybe not.

Nationals Trade Daniel Murphy, Declare 2018 Season Over

21 Aug

Daniel Murphy
With like 6 weeks left in the season, this comes as a bit of a surprise. But I guess Nats management figured with 2 teams (Braves and Phillies) to try and jump instead of 1, might as well get the fire sale started now and get some pieces back before it’s too late. They’re not trading Bryce Harper tho (waivers have expired) which makes me believe that the Nats aren’t completely done yet. Meanwhile, the Cubs have the best record in the NL and playoff legend Daniel Murphy in the loop for a run to another World Series title. Yet another reason I’ll never forgive Sandy Alderson for not re-signing Murphy after 2015.