Are The Wilpon’s Holding The Mets Back From Finding A New GM?

17 Oct

Fred and Jeff Wilpon

The Mets have already been turned down by Twins general manager Thad Levine, and former Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington also did not interview.

Sources have pointed to the poor reputation the Mets have around the league with candidates knowing they are not an easy team to work for, and just how much power the general manager actually will hold. The Wilpons are known for being involved.

There are also the limitations by ownership with regard to spending and the analytics staff despite insistence to the contrary.

“No young general manager wants to go to the Mets,” one source said.

The search will continue this week according to a source, and the current pool of candidates is primarily those who have been around the game a long time and are searching for their first job. Only one candidate can be considered a rising executive.

Hey, we haven’t won in 32 years with the only common denominator during that time being Fred and Jeff. So it’d be no surprise if finding a new GM would be difficult with those two in charge.

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