Media Gets Their Wish as Mets Granted Permission to Interview Craig Counsell

25 Oct

Craig Counsell

The Mets and David Stearns can finally speak with Craig Counsell again.

Less than a week before Counsell’s contract with the Brewers expires, the Mets have received permission from Milwaukee to talk with Counsell about their open manager position, The Post’s Joel Sherman confirmed Wednesday.

SNY first reported the development.

Counsell’s contract with the Brewers is set to expire Tuesday and the Mets were initially expected to have to wait until then to speak with him about potentially following Stearns from Milwaukee to Queens.

But they can now get a jump start on the interview process to find the manager who will succeed Buck Showalter.

I honestly don’t care if Counsell ends up getting the job. It’s just the unwarranted hype that bothers me and the fact that these scribes are so dismissive of other legitimate candidates like Ron Washington.

The Astros Are The Latest Championship Team Who Failed To Repeat

24 Oct

Blue Jays

The Astros loss in Game 7 last night of the ALCS makes them the 23rd straight championship team who failed to repeat the following year and to me that sucks for baseball. A sport that has already tossed away all of its traditional core can’t even put together a dynasty anymore in a world that values parity over greatness. And before anyone dares state that because the Astros have been in 4 of the last 7 World Series (winning two of them), they should still be given the ‘dynasty’ title…well, you just don’t know baseball. Real dynasties like the 1998-2000 Yankees, the ’92-’93 Blue Jays, the ’77-’78 Yankees, the ’75-’76 Reds and the ”72-’74 A’s win back-to-back, no exceptions. Those teams were great, they wanted it every year, they were consistent and you remembered who they were (quick, name the last 23 WS winners off the top of your head). But with so much player’s changing teams nowadays, extended playoffs, dumb new rules and player’s who care more about money than winning, the era of the repeat champion may just about be over.

Why Has The Media Not Mentioned Ron Washington as a Possible Candidate for Mets Manager?

21 Oct

Ron Washington

Of course, considering the makeup of most sports journalists, there’s one obvious answer. But let’s give them the benefit of the doubt. The Mets are looking for a manager and every baseball scribe out there seems to think that Brewers manager Craig Counsell, a guy with a pretty good resume, but who never even managed a team to the World Series,is the one and only answer. And that’s where Ron Washington comes in. You see, the former Rangers manager also has a pretty good resume, having managed a team to the WS…twice. And his overall record as a manager (664 wins – 611 losses) is on par with Counsell’s (707-625). Yet Washington (who’s loved by every player out there) doesn’t even make the ‘Honorable Mention’ list when it comes to possible candidates. This despite the fact that Washington (the current Braves 3rd base coach) is on record stating that he still wants to manage and his resume demands that he at least get an interview.

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Francisco Lindor Undergoes Surgery to Remove Bone Chip from Elbow

11 Oct

Francisco Lindor

Francisco Lindor is using the Mets’ playoff-less October to get healthier.

The Mets shortstop underwent surgery to remove a bone spur from his right elbow Tuesday, the team announced Wednesday.

Lindor “is expected to be fully ready for spring training,” the Mets said.

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This news will certainly add to the legend that is Francisco Lindor’s Met career.

Pete Alonso Hires Scott Boras’ Company with Free Agency Looming

6 Oct

Pete Alonso

Mets slugging star Pete Alonso has hired the BorasCorp agency to represent him as Alonso heads into his free-agent season, The Post has learned.

It’s never easy for a team to sign a superstar in his walk year, and BorasCorp — run by noted baseball agent Scott Boras — has a reputation for taking most — but not all — of his best players to free agency.

However, the Mets and owner Steve Cohen do have an excellent working relationship, with Boras and the Mets agreeing to three big free-agent deals in recent years: the three-year, $130 million Max Scherzer contract, the eight-year, $162 million Brandon Nimmo contract and a 12-year, $315 million deal for Carlos Correa that was eventually abandoned when an issue came up in the physical.

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Media Is Obsessed with Mets Hiring Craig Counsell as New Manager

4 Oct

The media’s fixation on Craig Counsell (who’s never managed a team to a World Series) amidst the search for a new manager is nothing short of baffling. While Mets fans eagerly anticipates new leadership, pundits seem stuck on Counsell and Counsell only. No mention of Ron Washington (2 WS appearances) or Wally Backman (who’s more than paid his dues managing in the minors for years) or Robin Ventura (an ex-Met and ex-Yankee with managing experience). This obsession with Counsell distracts from the genuine talent pool waiting to be explored as well as a team whose decision should be based on merit, not hype. In other words, while Counsell may be the best thing since sliced bread, stop trying to force him down our collective throats and highlight the rest of talent that’s out there who deserve a shot at becoming the new Mets manager just as much as Counsell does.

Interview with New Mets President of Baseball Operations David Stearns

2 Oct

Not happy that they pretty much forced Buck Showalter to resign, but I hope that Stearns and co. don’t just listen to the media and hire Craig Counsell who is overrated in my book (guy hasn’t taken a team to the World series). Much rather they interview Ron Washington or Wally Backman or Robin Ventura for new manager. Obviously, Pete Alonso is a priority as well as getting some quality starting pitching too.

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