Doc Rivers Hire as Bucks Coach After Shocking Firing of Adrian Griffin

25 Jan

I agree with what Stephen A. Smith said earlier today on “First Take”: this is Doc Rivers last chance at coaching. That ring he won in 2008 with the Celtics is so long ago now. And the pressure will really be on Doc to win iit all what with the shocking firing of Adrian Griffin, who only had a record of 30-13 when he got the boot. Of course, Rivers will need the Bucks to start playing SOME defense, he’ll have to appease Damian Lillard and he has to hope that Khris Middleton can return to the guy we saw in 2021 and frankly speaking, the Bucks should try to find some way to get P.J. Tucker back. In other words, Doc really has his work cut out for him because anything less than a championship ain’t cutting it.

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Sports Illustrated to Lay Off Most Staff, Putting Future in Jeopardy After Nearly 70 Years

19 Jan

Sad, but to be expected in a world where people stay on their phones and tablets and hardly read magazines and books anymore. Damn near every SI cover (with its ‘less is more’ approach) from beginning to like the 2000s was classic and suitable for framework. A shame that SI felt it had to change with the times politically when most (if not all) readers just wanted to read about sports. But from what I’ve read, this situation looks more like a screw-up created by management more than anything else.

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People All In Their Feelings Over Jerry Krause’s Widow Being Boo’ed

17 Jan

I’m not agreeing with what the Bulls fans did, because it was certainly wrong. But honestly what did Bull execs expect was going to happen? Jerry Krause was a highly disliked man in Chicago long before “The Last Dance”. Krause was a snake in the grass who many former Bull players disliked. He made moves like letting Horace Grant go to the Orlando Magic that some fans still can’t forgive him for. He wanted to trade Michael Jordan. He was obsessed with Tony Kukoc. He wanted way more credit for the Bulls dynasty then he deserved. So the fans boo’ed him and as tasteless as that might have been, they had every right to do it. Next time they want to honor the man, do it behind the scenes because ain’t stopping no time soon.

Stephen A Smith Nukes ‘Fat Bastard’ Sports Journalist Jason Whitlock

12 Jan

Honestly, Whitlock been had this coming, attacking SAS for like a decade without the ESPN “First Take” host saying anything in return. I mean, it’s one thing to criticize and after professional sports athletes who are in the limelight and know what comes with the territory. But Whitlock, a self-proclaimed “Christian”, rarely talks about what you did on the field as much as he’ll go after your character as a person, your kids, your spouse, family etc. Then there’s all the old colleagues he’s long burned bridges with that he attacks personally every week for click-bait. Just watch his show a couple of times and you’ll see right away that the guy really is a pos and a hypocrite and can no way be a Christian when you considering all the personal venom he tosses at people on the daily.

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Jameis Winston Was Wrong and Right at the Same Time

8 Jan

Were Winston and his teammates wrong for flouting their coach’s directives? Undoubtedly so, as Winston openly conceded and extended apologies to Dennis Allen in the post-game aftermath. However, Winston had a good point too when he was asked by someone in the media after the game if all the critics would’ve thought that the Saints were “running up the score” if the guy who made the last-minute interception hadn’t been caught at the 1-yard line, with his team already up 41-17 and ran it in for a touchdown. I highly doubt it. Then too, tho he was still wrong, I believe Winston was totally sincere in wanting to get a TD for Jamaal Williams. Plus too, Falcons coach Arthur Smith got fired after the game anyway and anyone calling for Winston to be fired for this overblown drama, needs to have their head examined.

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