Today’s Mets Lineup Was Brought to You by the Analytic Nerds

30 Mar

Granted, when your starting pitcher gives up 6 runs, like Luis Severino did today, it’s hard enough to win. But when you got some dude named Tyrone Taylor batting cleanup and a .174 lifetime hitter named Zack Short also in your starting lineup (which should simply be some combo of Nimmo, Lindor, McNeil, Marte, Alonso and Stewart as your DH in the 1 through 6 spots until JD Martinez is ready imo), one thing becomes crystal clear: new manager Carlos Mendoza is beholden to the analytic nerds. And that’s not a good sign for 2024.

Ice Cube Offers Caitlin Clark $5M to Play 8 Games in the BIG3

27 Mar

While I understand that women’s college basketball is hot on so many levels right now, this move by Cube makes zero sense. First, why Caitlin Clark of all people, when you could spread that money out and help a bunch of female basketball players. Yeah, Caitlin’s the most talked about women’s athlete on the planet, but talents like Angel Reese and Juju Watkins aren’t far behind in both skill and popularity. In other words this stinks of a PR move by Cube. Then too is the fact a lot of women basketball players on the collegiate level and pro level (esp. the black one’s) are going to be screaming ‘Why not me?’ and when you consider the amount of money most of them make, they have every right to be upset. And $5M for just 8 games?!? Why not just start a female version of the BIG3 instead, if you’re really ballin’ like that. Cube, I’m a little disappointed in you.

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Shohei Ohtani Says He Never Gambled on Sports or Asked Anyone to Do it For Him

25 Mar

To think that such a trusted confidant could be embroiled in such a scandal is crazy. The accusations of “massive theft” as well as the revelation of Ohtani’s purported agreement to settle gambling debts totaling $4.5 million not only tarnishes the image of Ohtani, but also raises serious questions about trust and integrity within the MLB. That said, I believe Ohtani if only because he seemed pretty sincere and genuine about the whole thing..

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Mark Vientos Reacts to J.D. Martinez Signing by the Mets, How it Impacts his Spot on the Team | SNY

23 Mar

He’s getting a lot of flak online for his demeanor in this interview, but I’m not mad at him. Simply put, the Mets have given him shot after shot and he just hasn’t produced. So what he’s supposed to be, all smiles and cupcakes? He should be upset. And I’m sure that he knows he has to play better to get on the big stage and stay there. The Mets have a long and notorious history of draft busts, but J.D. Martinez was only signed to a 1-year deal and it’s not too late for Vientos to comeback, turn it around and be part of the future with the Mets.

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Steve Cohen Says He Doesn’t Expect Long-Term Deal with Pete Alonso Before Season Ends

17 Mar

An upcoming season that already doesn’t look promising gets even worse news. And it’s almost like Cohen has no idea how much Pete means to Met fans. Plus with all the talk of the Mets pursuing Juan Soto after 2024, what’s their backup plan for when Pete leaves? In other words, does no one in the organization understand how hard it is to replace a guaranteed 40 HRs and 100 RBIs a year?

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Ryan Clark Calls Lamar Jackson The First “Authentic” Black Quarterback

16 Mar

I’m aware that Clark just signed a new ESPN deal. And he’s certainly doing a great job at going viral and keeping his name in the news with all the fire’s he’s been starting lately, whether that’s with Tiki Barber or other sport pundits. But opining from the experience of being a former NFL player and just utterly failing to do your research and saying something stupid is another. Like calling Lamar Jackson the first “authentic” Black QB when past legends like Randall Cunningham, Michael Vick, Warren Moon, Patrick Mahomes and Doug Williams have played the game?!? Really Ryan, do better.

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Aaron Rodgers for Vice-President?!?

13 Mar

Of course, this is ridiculous. But then that’s what comes with the circus that is Aaron Rodgers, who should be laying low and getting himself 100 percent healthy so he can be ready for the upcoming 2024 Jets season. Especially after taking only 4 snaps last season before getting injured for the rest of the year. I mean, does Rodgers ever think about how it looks to the average Jets fan who sees him peddling in politics or feuding with comedians or doing interviews on Joe Rogan’s podcast, and wonders how much he prioritizes his job over whatever other shenanigans hes involved with? Probably not. And that’s a huge problem, especially when you’re paying the guy $40M a year.

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