Is Mickey Callaway In Over His Head?

29 Jun

Mickey Callaway
Yeah, a bunch of injuries have contributed greatly to the Mets miseries this year, but how much of it is the rookie manager’s fault? From the early season lineup card fiasco to his inability to run with a consistent lineup (not to mention that I always hated the decision the bat the pitcher in the 8th spot) to the constant mismanagement of the bullpen (should Jeurys Familia have even been brought last night, having thrown 28 pitches the previous night?), the Mets are a game above the woeful Florida Marlins and maybe it’s time to put some heat on the manager.

Dave Eiland Thinks Mets Would Be “Crazy” To Trade Jacob deGrom

20 Jun

Jacob deGrom

Real Met fans know the deal. Besides not winning a World Series in 31 years, there’s the fact that we’ve only had 6 playoff appearances since 1986. That’s a 20 percent success rate. And while bad trades, horrible free-agent signings, major injuries, ass-backward GM decisions and major busts like Lastings Milledge and Fernando Martinez have all contributed to the Mets lack of winning of late, if you’re Mets you have a right to be….disgruntled. That said, why in the world, as the local press has been pushing of late, would you choose to rebuild (again) and trade your best pitcher? This ludicrous idea is beyond me and apparently pitching coach Dave Eiland too:

No-nonsense pitching coach Dave Eiland listed all the off-the-charts attributes deGrom brings, and then told The Post this when asked if deGrom should be traded for prospects:

“Absolutely not. It’s crazy, it’s asinine, these guys don’t just fall off trees, it’s total nonsense,’’ Eiland said before the Mets played the Rockies on Tuesday night at Coors Field, one night after deGrom pitched eight spectacular innings in a 12-2 win over Colorado.

“Say you got five prospects, who is to say those prospects are going to work out?’’ Eiland said. “Who’s going to fill Jake’s innings not only this year, but in 2019 and 2020? He is the pitcher every team is looking for. Hey, I’m just a pitching coach, not a manager or a GM, but I’ve been in this game for over 30 years, you don’t trade a guy like that, because you can’t replace him.’’