Matt Harvey Jumps into the New York Real Estate Industry

16 Jun

Matt Harvey

Former MLB All-Star pitcher Matt Harvey will be pitching loans instead of baseballs.

After deciding to step away from baseball last month, Harvey has decided to pursue a career in commercial real estate.

According to the New York Post, Harvey has joined Newmark, a real estate firm, as a managing director of the company’s multifamily debt origination and advisory unit.

I still think Harvey should have tried being a closer, but hey I’m glad he’s able to bounce back on his feet so quick and wish him the best.

Matt Harvey Announces His Retirement

5 May

Kind of surprised by Harvey retiring as he’s proven that he can still pitch. I just thought his starter days were over and thus he might try to convert to being a closer. Either way Harvey will be remembered for a few things: him, DeGrom, Wheeler and Syndergaard serving as the nucleus of a new era of Mets starting pitching in the mid-2010’s, his starting the All-star game at Citi Filed back in 2013, his superhero status that was flexed when he graced the cover of Sports Illustrated as “The Dark Night of Gotham”, him talking Terry Collins into pitching the 9th inning of the 5th game of the 2015 World Series (I said it at the time that Collins should’ve refused) and of course, all the injuries and off-the-field drama that pretty cost him his career. Sad that it had to end this way, but hopefully he can find peace with his career choices and move on to live a fruitful and prosperous life.

Matt Harvey Admits To Using Cocaine While With The Angels

15 Feb

Matt Harvey Sports Illustrated cover

Former Los Angeles Angels players Matt Harvey and C.J. Cron admitted to receiving pills from Eric Kay Tuesday during the former team communications official’s trial in relation to Tyler Skaggs’ death. Both players took the stand, where they discussed their own — and Skaggs’ — drug use.

Kay is standing trial in federal court on charges that he gave Skaggs pills laced with fentanyl that led to his death and possessing fentanyl and oxycodone with intent to distribute. Now in its second week, the trial has begun to pull in recent MLB players. Harvey was subpoenaed as Kay’s defense team attempts to convince the jury that Skaggs obtained opioids from more than one source.

Of course, Harvey isn’t the first ML player to admit to using cocaine and he won’t be the last. But the possibility that he might have contributed to a teammate’s death takes his downfall from once starting an All-Star game to a new level.

Mets Should Give Jason Vargas The Matt Harvey Treatment

15 Apr

You can’t be a Mets fan and not want Dallas Keuchel on your team instead of the anemic Jason Vargas. That being said, Vargas has only had two starts this season, one of which was against the defending NL-East champion Braves (in which he was horrible) and a quality start against the Marlins in which he gave up 2 runs in 5 innings. Vargas also pitched an inning in relief against the Twins that saw him also stink up the joint by allowing 4 runs. That’s 3 outings altogether, 6.1 innings, a 1-0 W-L record and a 14.21 ERA. Yeah, Vargas has for the most part been incredibly bad, but the Mets went into this season hoping that Vargas would continue pitching to the promise he displayed in the 2nd half of last year. So they’re not going to give on him after only 3 outings, no matter what free agent is still out there. It also helps Vargas’ case that the team has gotten off to a nice start to the new season, being only a half-game out of 1st place. Then too, it took 8 outings and 4 bad starts for the Mets to give up on Matt Harvey last year. I think it’s only fair that Vargas, unless the team goes on a major losing streak, gets the same opportunity.

As for Vargas’ appearance in this now infamous interview that took place after the Braves loss…I got him looking like Jerry Springer than anyone else.

Adam Schein: No Major League Team Should Sign Matt Harvey

5 May

I wouldn’t go as far as Schein does here, especially when I still think that Harvey deserved another chance to start after what would be his last start against the Braves a few weeks ago. I don’t think that Harvey’s done just yet, the guy has too much talent to be done this soon in his career. It just seems to be more a mental/confidence thing with Harvey and a need to mix his pitches more. Either way, some preferably bad team in the A.L. could use Harvey, most likely the Rangers, which would reunite him with old pitching coach Dan Warthen. And if the Mets could get a decent catcher or left-handed reliever from Texas before they have to release Harvey outright in the next few days from Texas, that could be a win for the Mets and Harvey.